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Types: Local/county/city, state/providence,
  • Scheduling for the Distribution & Fulfillment Industry presents some unique challenges.
  • What do you do when seasonal fluctuations make your workload vary by more than 100%?.
  • Our experience makes us uniquely capable of providing the optimal structure for addressing these types of issues
  • The opportunity to use alternative shifts like 10-hour shifts is greater here than in almost any other industry.

Types: Batch and continuous process, assembly lines, vertically and horizontally integrated, high and low-tech.
  • Equipment costs vary widely from one manufacturing operation to another. If the equipment is expensive, companies strive to get the maximum utilization out of every piece. If equipment is relatively inexpensive, companies often buy more machines to increase production–until they run out of room to expand. Under both scenarios, shiftwork becomes a byproduct of growth.
  • Production demands frequently vary with the seasons. This usually results in high overtime and temporary help utilization.
  • Often labor-intensive, most manufacturing environments are strongly affected by local unemployment levels.
  • Many manufacturing companies produce hundreds of SKU’s at a single facility. This creates an inventory and changeover problems.




Minerals: Coal, gold, lead, tin, nickel.
Technologies: Open cut, underground, room and pillar, retreat, longwall, open stope.
  • The high cost of today’s mining equipment necessitates running all equipment for as many hours as possible every week.
  • Maintenance requirements frequently cause conflicts with production activities.
  • Labor costs are a significant portion of the cost of mining. This results in lean staffing which, in turn, results in many problems associated with overtime distribution and absenteeism.
  • The marginal cost of additional production can make spot market sales very lucrative.

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